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Monday, January 21, 2008

Best Skin Care: Expert Tips For The Best Skin Care.(skin care supplies)

skin care supplies

My mother used to always tell me that the best skin care was the easiest skin care. She had great skin growing up and refused to fuss with lengthy day and morning routines that took up more time than they were worth. Still, she also taught me that an ounce of prevention was worth a pound of cure. If you choose the right cleanser and if you make sure to moisturize your face on a daily basis (whether you think you need it or not, you should always moisturize), your skin will remain taught and wrinkle free much longer than if you'd have chosen not to do anything at all.

With all of the medical advances that have occurred in the past hundred years, we now know that the biggest cause of aging is exposure to sunlight. As a result, many facial lotions, foundations and other make up products have a sun protection factor (SPF) in them. Clearly, the best skin care is a regimen that has some sort of SPF in it. You don't only need to apply SPF lotion before you go out in the sun all day, most of the sunlight you're exposed to is incidental. That means going outside to take the dog for a quick walk, carrying your groceries to and from the care and going to check the mail.

When you know when you're most susceptible to exposure, you know how to prevent sun spots and premature wrinkling. The best skin care experts will tell you that if your first step is SPF, the second is eating well. When you eat nothing but greasy fast food and the only vegetables you ingest are deep fried, you're less likely to have clear and beautiful skin. Also, you might want to look into a good exfoliator to slough off dead cells and show off the glowing skin underneath.

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